Background Overview

PF shelter program, as an enabler will focus on providing a last shelter resort for individuals or families admitted into the PF education program. Admission into the education program will therefore be an initial pre-requisite to be admitted in to the PF shelter program.



The PF shelter program will seek to be a stop-gap accommodation for all admitted persons. The program will offer a wide range of Christ-driven services and activities that will enhance the educational program and help transform the lives of each person in the shelter.

The shelter will not be a permanent address for any individual admitted into the shelter program therefore it is expected that each individual or family will have a maximum stay period of twelve calendar months in the shelter. During this period, the program will seek, in conjunction with the education program, adequate ways of empowerment to prepare the individual or family for integration into the larger society.

PF shelter program will initially seek to meet an individual’s (or family’s) basic needs; food, shelter, and clothing. Then the individual (or family) will be encouraged to participate in appropriate and suitable activities/program within the shelter to ensure each individual becomes a productive member of society at the end of their stay.


Impact Programs

1. Kids Off the Street (KOTS)

This will be a strategic shelter program focused on mitigating the number of homeless children/ persons within PF target communities. This will be achieved through collaboration with established shelters for homeless children as an immediate/ short-term strategic plan of PF.

2. Shelter Partnerships

This is a partnership program designed to financially cater to/ support homeless persons and reintegrate them back into society after they successfully undergo a specially designed “empowerment pipeline” process of the Foundation.  This will be achieved through a strategic network of established individuals and institutions with shared ideologies, willing to invest in the creation of a more stable and sustainable Nigerian environment by supporting education and mitigating crime.