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About This Project

1. Introduction

A tour of the target community is part of the compulsory induction process for volunteers and staff of PISTIS Foundation (informally referred to as PF). The purpose of the visit was for Volunteers and Staff to witness the living conditions of potential beneficiaries, learn the issues and needs of the community from a firsthand account of individuals within the community, and envision how the programs of the Foundation can be implemented to better suit the needs of the community.

On 09th December 2018, Volunteers and Staff of PISTIS Foundation visited Aboki Estate in the Jakande Community, Lekki as it is one of PF’s initial target communities.

2. State of the community

On arrival at the community, the team was briefed by our guide Pa Samuel (member of E200) on the living conditions and socio-economic challenges faced by members of the community. We visited a compound where a room is being shared by one mother/Grandmother and their 3 to 4 children/ grandchildren. The building was in a dilapidated state with some rooms filled with water for more than a month. The drainage and roads are overfilled with waste, this has blocked access to the school within the community and has prevented the free flow of water. This has led to puddles of stagnant water which attracts insects and increases the risk of illness.

The children in the compound are currently enrolled in a government school within Jakande area, and although there is a private Christian and Muslim school in the area the main routes to these schools are blocked by waste. The team identified children with deformity/ disability living within this community.

A 10 years old girl that resides with her Grandmother was unable to talk and appears mentally challenged, her grandmother exclaimed that her ailment was caused by an accident that occurred at a younger age which led to her brain being deprived of oxygen. Sis. Tosin Babalola a member of PF’s Shelter team was able to conduct a brief assessment based on her profession as a child psychologist and made further recommendations to PISTIS Foundation team.


3. Discussion with Community Leader

At the end of the tour, we visited the information center which serves as the central information hub for the community and a place for NGOs to meet with leaders concerning intervention and programs that will be implemented within the community.

We met with Reverend Stephen, Secretary of the Landlord’s association within the community. He owns a space within the community center where training, events, and church services are held. He said the community has three major issues which are:

  • Infrastructure: Lack of good roads, poorly constructed building and Drainages that leads to flooding of properties in the community. This has been brought to the attention of the Lagos State Government and has resulted in Consultant coming to inspect the community with a promise to commence reconstruction of the community in 2019.
  • Environmental/Waste: Parts of the community are being used as dumping sites. Waste has clogged up the waterways and drainages which has led to flooding of properties.
  • Security: There is a high level of crime within the community, which was attributed to the number of unemployed youth within the community. They are unable to get jobs as they lack literacy skills despite being secondary school graduates.


4. Conclusion

Community visits are helpful to understand our target community and to identify some of the key needs of the impoverished living within those communities. Further discussions with the community leaders ahead of any projects or initiatives are planned for the community.


  • The community Leader is aware that some members of the community were sponsored by E200 to attend International Women’s Society (IWS) for vocational skill acquisition training. However, he suggested that the amount that was used in training the few women can be used to training more women and youths in the community by conducting the training in the Community Center
  • Members of the community will definitely benefit from a Medical Outreach Program and/or a Health Promotion Initiative made aware of any such developments within the community
  • Most importantly, PISTIS Foundation will closely monitor Jakande Community and provide aid to the community as they negotiate with the Lagos State Government and the settlement, as well as use our voice to advocate for the development of the community and ensure the indigenes of the community are resettled in once the development is complete