New Media/ Digital Media Officer

New Media/ Digital Media Officer

Job Objective

The New Media/ Digital Media Officer will be fully responsible for developing and implementing PISTIS Foundations’ digital as well as Social media strategy. S/He shall work with volunteers/ team heads and report to the Programs Manager of PISTIS Foundation.

The position involves creating, engaging and delivering successful digital/ social media campaigns for PISTIS Foundation, as well as its supporting Organizations, by evangelizing and promoting strategic plans to drive sustainable impact and growth. The post-holder must be self-motivated with relevant experience; willing to be part of a long-term national vision, with a commitment for designing and implementing the Foundations’ content strategy through blogging and community participation, and the creation of timely and relevant content.

Key Deliverables

  • Build & maintain PFs online community and presence
  • Continually develop, refine and promote PFs annual digital/ social media goals.
  • Manage & enhance the PFs social media platforms i.e. Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Curate relevant content to effectively reach the Foundations’ ideal partners and audience.
  • Design, create, publish and manage all promotions and social ad campaigns (images, video and written)
  • Research, develop & advise management on digital media strategies, including social media opportunities & trends.
  • Work closely with team heads to strengthen PISTIS Foundations’ partnership-base and sustainability development initiatives via online platforms.
  • Deliver differentiated online experience across PFs online community.
  • Increase PF’s Social Media ROI through the following;
    • Great Design: All visual content including status updates on LinkedIn or Facebook ads, etc., must be compelling enough to drive engagement and consistent with PISTIS Foundations’ culture of Humanity and Sustainability.
    • Promotion Strategy: Utilize YouTube/ Instagram/ Facebook Ads in the promotion of Social Media campaigns for PISTIS Foundation prospective partners, with a clear call to-action, in order to increase donor support and funding.
    • Engagement Strategy: Listen, respond, ask questions and engage PISTIS Foundations’ social media audience. The Officer must have knowledge and/or experience of all the Foundations’ programs & processes to engage and respond to questions correctly.
    • Measure & analyze to establish ROI: Measure and analyze results on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Results must be in sync with PF’s digital media objectives.

Skills and Knowledge

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s degree

Relevant Experience (Type and minimum years expected)

5 – 6 year working experience in a communications, PR/ digital media, consulting company

Attitude and Behavioural Traits

  • Have a good working knowledge of WordPress, SEO and PR
  • Good knowledge and understanding of social media platforms i.e FB, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr etc., and how they can be deployed to a Social Development advantage
  • Excellent ability to communicate information and ideas, in written, graphic/ video format.
  • Good knowledge of blogging ecosystem relevant to the Foundations’ partners & target audience.
  • Sound technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly.
  • Excellent team player, with relevant experience in report writing.
  • Excellent graphics and design skill

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